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How much does it cost?

Typically a Unit Of Competency (UOC) with all of the Skin Deep benefits (Evidence Map, Learning Materials, Student Assessments, Observation Checklists, Marking Guides, Performance Benchmark Guidelines, Classroom PowerPoints, Policies and Procedures, and related associated documents) ranges between $16.90 and $22.90 per student. Discounts are available for large volume users.

What units can I purchase?

Please visit our Beauty and Hairdressing pages to find out this information.

Can I obtain a Unit of Competency to validate before I make my decision to purchase?

If you would like to see a sample unit, please contact us via email with your details and we will send you SHBBMUP002 - Design and apply make-up or SHBHBAS001 - Provide shampoo and basin services. You can then validate the UOC to be assured of the Skin Deep Learning quality processes.

What is the process for ordering from here?

To place an order, please send us an email to and we will email you an order form. Alternatively, you can contact us using the web form below.

Can I buy the Skin Deep Learning system for certain Units of Competency but not others?

Generally we can tailor orders for customers but there are some limits to what we can do, so please contact us and let us know what you want to order.

Can I buy parts of the Skin Deep Learning system?

The Skin Deep Learning resources are a system for each UOC. Each part is designed to work with the others to provide a no gaps learning experience. So we provide the whole system only.

Can I get the Skin Deep Learning system electronically?

We have a simple user Agreement that allows RTO’s to use all of the Assessment materials in electronic format. This allows for an RTO to insert their own logos, tailor instructions or to do other basic changes. The electronic assessment materials can then be used on the RTO’s Learning Management System, or printed, as needed, to match the number of hard copy learning materials (Magazines) purchased.